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Our company works with different clients that bring cross-industry, platform and multi experience culture to us, from which we get to understand varieties of business, work culture, and their needs. Thus, we propose best and reliable solutions that cater short, mid and long-term requirements that are needed for the business. All our experts believe in delivering highly scalable and secure to maintain software solutions that can be upgraded easily and can also integrate with various modules. Because of this, our software will grow with the development of your company.

At Fogut, we mainly focus on the growth of our customers. Hence, with technical solutions and support, we also provide different kinds of services that include:

  • Business Development Consulting: It enhances the business of the clients, and we become a valuable partner with the growth of clients.
  • Start-up Incubation: Our service helps the new entrepreneurs to establish their organization and also help them with the support and technology.
  • Legal Services: Services that are related to online sites, e-commerce terms, other legalities and other terms and conditions to be researched and studied for opening a new organization or launching new service.
  • Advertising and Offline Marketing: Our business understands the services of advertising and marketing beyond the online Our professionals bring best in both.
  • Equipment and Logistics Support: We’ll help you to understand what type of solid material you would be requiring for the new setup or upgrading it to the next level to meet the future requirements.
  • Training and Guidance: We train all our staff members in a technical domain like software, computer, open source products, Microsoft products, digital records, data, and footprints. We offer training in communication skills, soft skills, corporate skills and mail ethics as well.

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