Keyword And Market Research

Competitive SEO keyword analysis and research is the base of SEO campaigns. The expert team of Fogut Technologies makes sure that you are visible on all the search engines on top of targeted keywords that drive revenue and sales leads to the business.

Since optimization of the website for the relevant phrase of keywords is costly, selecting the keyword which is right makes a lot of difference.

Our site analysis process and keyword research has developed over the years and has also achieved the best results for customers in a different range of companies like B2C and B2B niches.

Fogut’s Useful SEO Research for Keywords Services will Only Give You Success

Professional & Experts

TheFogut is performing SEO for an extended period. Our in-house, full-time team of SEO understands what research of the keywords means. Today, as one of the best SEO companies, we have so many projects of keyword research that come every day.

Focus on the Lead Generation

Businesses invest in the keyword research for SEO only to generate revenue and leads, and this is where our focus is. Whether it is about doing a survey or researching the keywords, we only select the ones which will attract the customers.

Your Suggestion Matters a Lot

We welcome everything you suggest for keyword analysis and research. You only know your business so it will help us more to identify the search terms which will also attract the leads, and eliminate the people that don’t. We know that the best approach will give you the edge ahead of the competitors.

How Our Service of Keyword Research Work?

Our approach starts by capturing all the phrases of relevant keywords. After that, through the application of different filters, whittling down the universe of the keywords to final words of the keywords calculated which will provide more return. Some of the factors we consider consist of:

Competitive Keyword Research:  Many times, the smaller volume of the phrase is more evident as compared to larger volume. The more modest competitor who is looking for an organic ranking position for the phrase which is targeted by a lot of players might not have that budget to compete.

Demographics of Target Audience: Knowing the search behaviors and characteristics of the target customers are vital for choosing the keywords that will also attract the attention.

Substantial Tail Searching Terms: Long tail research of the keywords identifies the phrases which are low in volume with high conversion rate profitability or probability.

Search Volume: The phrase which is getting 50,000 searches in a month is more promising than the similar one who is getting 5,000 searches monthly.

Relevance: Employees benefit the seminars, the phrase gets a lot of volumes, but if the social business does not conduct seminars, it is not worth targeting, since it will not help the audience to look for the specific service.

Location of the User: If 45,000 of the 50,000 monthly searches for the phrase which is given are from the international customers, and the company only sell in that country, it is not worth to target.

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