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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the soul of digital marketing. We at Fogut Technologies help you to bring your websites, web pages, products, blogs or any other online services to appear amongst top Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by optimum use of SEO techniques. Our top-notch team of experts aims at providing best solutions for your online business and services. All the members of our team are highly experienced SEO Professionals and they come up with best Online Marketing Solutions.

If you are looking for appropriate SEO guide for your online services, Fogut Technologies serve you with optimum SEO Services in Kolkata. Our team is working in this domain for several years, thus know all the possible tactics to drag massive traffic to your site and acquire high rankings on SERPs.
We take up with specific SEO strategies to work on customised requirements for our clients. The SEO strategies followed by us are briefly discussed below.

Strategies Followed By Fogut Technologies to Provide Best SEO Services

We provide you SEO services with our focus on individual effective tactics of 2018, they are:

  • On Page SEO

Our expert team is well acknowledged with best on page SEO tips and tricks, like the use of meta tags, keywords, use of title tag with a keyword, .etc. All our team members are well aware of essential factors of on page SEO and their efficient usage

  • Off Page SEO

Off-page, SEO plays a significant role in the promotion and ranking of your site. These are the back end techniques like link building and various other promotion methods that are responsible for the display of your websites or blogs in top SERPs. We have highly experienced and qualified experts of Kolkata providing you with top SEO Services In Kolkata.

  • Social Media Marketing

Almost, every one of us can be found on some of the other social media platforms. Social media platforms provide you with the ideal place to connect with your target audience be it any gender or age group. We come up with practically approachable and result gaining methods of social media marketing, giving you and your business higher vulnerability. Social media marketing and SEO can be considered to move hand in hand giving you higher customers and increased profit.

  • Link Building

Link building is the base of SEO. We have a team of trained and more than 15 years of experienced professionals working on link building for your requirement. It can be considered to be the gist of SEO that requires complete knowledge of the sales, planning, content, promotion, programming, marketing ideas everything. Link building is highly essential to drag the search engine audience and generate traffic.

  • Voice Search Optimisation

We provide you with the facility of voice search for your blogs, pages or sites, etc. This optimisation technique has now become mandatory with advancement in technology. Studies reveal that voice searches have been increased by almost ten times since 2012. Voice search optimisation can be an additional benefit for your websites that make your blog or site more visible to searches.

  • Local SEO

We emphasize more on local SEO than global SEO. Because it is important that people recognize your business in your area. You may drag and attract online clients through global SEO tactics, but local SEO gives you online as well as the offline audience for your business adding to an extra profit. Combining the local keyword has become mandatory, as most of the searches are regional like local doctors, local restaurants, etc.

  • Effective Use Of Keywords

The use of keywords is the main part of the content and plays a highly significant role in SEO. Our authors are well aware of the fact and make use of the relative keywords in the content. The keywords are used that correctly connects to the main title and is long-tailed. It is not just a phrase it group of words.

It is made sure that keywords are rightly placed with required density.

  • Optimisation For Smartphone Browsing

Mobiles have been taking up over desktops and laptops gradually. Since 2016, Google has also made a mobile version of the site as the primary index, we understand the fact and use the SEO for mobile phones and tablets. Last year survey of web searches conveys 52% of web browsing is covered by tablet alone.

  • Website Review And Audit For SEO

Once your SEO work is complete, we are not done with our services. Attaining our client’s satisfaction is a must for us. We provide you with the tool that makes a complete analysis of your website and provides you with the review of your site and SEO audit.

It is included to let you know about the results of your site, improves on page SEO and provides you with other improvisation required; if any.

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing is very impactful. As rightly said, ‘pen is mightier than the sword.’ We believe and take the phrase into action. The content written by our writers is not just for the marketing purpose but the complete study of the website is done, and then only the relevant content is generated. The quality of content is kept intact and highly impressive. It is 100% unique and helps you to improve your sales and promotion.

  • PPC

We make use of PPC techniques to improve your web traffic. Pay per click is the dawn of the advertisement world. It is highly effective to drag audience, improvisation of sales and promotion. PPC, unlike SEO, helps you to target the right audience. Ideal targets have a high possibility of conversion, and thus your purpose is accomplished correctly. We stand stiffly in the competitive standards of PPC and work extraordinarily at affordable prices.

  • Business Listing

We provide you with Business listings on your local websites. Business listings give you more exposure. It contains your all the basic information like name of your business, phone number, address and other such necessary details for identification. It is one of the important marketing campaign and important as per your business point of view.

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Why Choose Us For SEO Services In Kolkata?

Fogut Technologies is known for providing satisfactory and reliable services. We are into the domain of digital marketing with 100% customer satisfaction from past 5 years. The fact being we know what is good for you and your business. We are well aware of increasing role of digitization and its impact on your business. We have the knowledge and passion for dealing with internet marketing and providing best online marketing solution. With all the facts, research, plan, knowledge and implementation techniques, we serve the best SEO Services In Kolkata. We adhere to:

  • Latest Google Updates And Criteria.
  • Advanced SEO Services and Techniques.
  • Authorised link building.
  • Effective Content Management.
  • Desired Marketing Strategies.

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  • Sreya assisted me better with my questions regarding SEO for my website. Before taking the services my site was nowhere but now I am happily ranking on page 1 for most of my keywords..

    Karan Roy
  • Every single thing has been taken care of by these guys. A very clean and responsive design which works better in all browsers. One of the best comany I have used the serviecs.

    Jack Thomas
  • Our team contacted these guys for our Dog Training site SEO services. We were ranking on page three for our keyword. After two months we are now on page one for our keyword dog training Fort Lauderdale.

    David Taylor

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